How does AUL (MyDUL) License Work for You?

    AUL (MyDUL) is not free software. you can only open maximum 10 data files, and recover data stored in the file header of 512MB with free demo license, to recover all data with more than 10 data files or with files larger than 512MB, you need to buy a full license and register it. With formal AUL (MyDUL) license, you can open maximumly 1024 data files (the maximum files limit for one Oracle tablespace), and access the huge data files with 64 bits IO functions.

    AUL (MyDUL) use a runtime register mode, which require you input the license code for every AUL (MyDUL) instance started. If you buy the AUL license, I will create an online account for you to apply license freely, You need to input the register code displayed at the first line of AUL (MyDUL) instance, and then click the generate button, the AUL license will calculated for you immediately.

AUL : AnySQL UnLoader(MyDUL) for Oracle 8/8i/9i/10g/11g, release 5.1.2

(C) Copyright Lou Fangxin 2005-2010 (, all rights reserved.


    I will generate the license code according to the register code, or you can get the license by yourself if you have got the online account.

Register Code

    For example, the license code for register code "RZNE-XAZV-RIOB-DZHV-SROP" is "OZHGWA", then we can register the AUL (MyDUL) instance with following command.

  Registered, Elapsed: 265

    If you input wrong license code, you will not be prompted with "Registered, Elapsed: XXX" information. Then you can start the great data recovery work. Remember you have to register the license code for every AUL (MyDUL) instance.

    Fixed license is avaialbe for you too, the license code is bound to one given machine (it will be invalided after you swith to new hardware or after reintall the operation system), so I will send you the fixed license AUL binary to you, and you need to run it on the given machine, and send the register code to me for license code generation. However you still need to run "SET LICENCE" command everytime you start a new AUL window.

    With this license model, you just download the AUL (MyDUL) software, get the AUL license, and learn how to perform the recovery by yourself. I can provide online support with MSN or other IM tools. Business data security can be maximumly protected because I do not need the access of your data files at all, and no remote host login at all. And we can save time without to be present or transfering files through slow internet speed.

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