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AUL(MyDUL) License Price

    AUL(MyDUL) license is bound to one specific machine, different OS platform require different license. The license price for all platform is 1000 USD without detailed online support, the support price (optional) for each data recovery is 1000 USD too.

    No guarantee of 100% recovery of the damaged database, what AUL(MyDUL) do is to recover data as much as it can. Thanks for your trust of AUL(MyDUL)!

Valid Payment Method

1, PayPal Account:
2, AliPay Account:
3, Bank Account:

Global Customers Location

Asia: China (China, HongKong, Taiwan)
Europe: Germany, Sweden, Luxemburg, Austria, England, Russia, Romania, Spain
Africa: Nigeria
North America: Canada, United States, Mexico, Panama
South America: Argentina, Brazil

Customer Feedback

Alberto Blanco (Spain, 2011-06-28)

I write you these lines for thank you very much for your invaluable help.

Finally, we were able to recover all of the data from the DBF files and imported all of the DMPs (one per table) into a new database. After several tests, the aplication seems to be OK!. Tomorrow we will do more tests and check the consistency of the whole system.

The program is very good and works marvelous. Incredible!. My fellows were very surprised and we all want to congratulate you for the great job.

Thank you so much again.

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